Monday, March 29, 2010

Vince's new friends


Good morning everybody! I wanted to share some pics from Friday night out with Vince's new friends. Two Frenchies and 1 Maltese who all work together with him on site. They are Laurent, Baptiste and Marc. On Friday night Baptiste invited us over for dinner and then we went to one of our favourite bars called Juuls down on Spinola Bay. After a few too many tequila shots and mojitos we wandered down to Paceville to check out a private party at The Vodka Bar that Marc had invited us to. Let's just say that was the final stop for the evening! Very fun but very manly....where have all my girlfriends gone? :(
Love and Hugs

new BBQ!

Goodmorning Everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend? We went and bought a small BBQ on saturday and promtly invited our 2 friends over for dinner. We got it all fired up with maltese sausages and steaks and I made a warm potato salad for the side. It was awesome to have the first BBQ smells of the season wafting in the apartment. Pure Heaven!
Love and Hugs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No more Shelly

Goodmorning everybody! Well Shelly went home yesterday. It was a pretty sad day in Malta let me tell you. It's hasn't been the same since...The sun isn't even shinning today which I can't believe since it's been so beautiful and hot here for the last 10 days.
Back to normal life I guess....although I still can't look in the spare bedroom and not tear up hoping to see her! :(
Love and Hugs

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day at the beach

Hello Every body! Sorry I am hit and miss with the blog but Shelly and I have been busy! Sge rented a car and we have been driving around the island seeing as much as we can. The weather has picked up and is so sun shinny! We went to Golden Bay beach yesterday and got some great pictures. I hope you enjoy them!
Love and Hugs

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shelly's Here!

Goodmorning Everybody! Shelly's here and we are having a great time. She arrived late on friday night on Saturday we headed to Rabat for a nice lunch and an afternoon underground in the Catacombs. Pretty spooky! Yesterday we walked along the waterfront in St. Julians and got some great pictures of the sea. I hope you like them!
Love and Hugs

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank You!

Goodmorning Guys, I am feeling better and it's all thanks to YOU! I have been overwhellmed with the amount of emails and calls and well wishes from everyone. I think there is no other way to heal then to be surrounded by those that love you....and I am no different. I feel so lucky to have you. I know you have my back.
I am still mad and sad and have ups and downs but on a whole, things are looking brighter.
Like Shelly said in her card, "The Sun Will Shine Again!"

I love you so much my friends and family, without you I would be lost.

Love and Hugs