Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OMGosh I need to buy a house....

.....just so I can have this kitchen! Well the backdrop and chalboard and fork and that chandelier only maybe a little lower and more open concept. You catchin'my flow ladies! Isn't it awesome? Would you come over and let me cook for you if my kitchen was this cool? HA! That's what I thought!
Love and Hugs

P.S. If you want to check it out it's from the decorate portion on this awesome home magazine called Lonny. Love you Lonny!

I will have to exercise for the rest of my life! AHHHHH!

Oh Man. So I just bought the August issue of SHAPE and was reading a letter from a lady in Chicago. It goes like this:

Question: Over the past 3 years I've lost 50 pounds, thanks in part to doing 6 hours of cardio and strength training a week. Now that I'm at my goal weight, can I cut back?

Answer: We wish we could tell you yes, but exercise is just as important for keeping the scale steady as it is for losing weight.
A study of obese women who had slimmed down found that only those who continued to work for an average of 275 minutes per week were able to maintain their weight loss two years later.
"When you're thinner, you burn fewer calories all day long because you're not moving as much body mass around," says SHAPE advisory board member Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. and instructor of exercise science. "If you don't make up for that deficit, you'll gain weight."

Just Freakin' Faboulous! I have been exercising my ass off for a year and a half and I guess I will be doing it till the day I die! Blah Blah! :0) No, I can do it. Actually I don't mind exercising. I mean of course I would rather sit around eating big macs and chocolate semi-freddo all day, never having to move an inch and be a svelte sie 6. But welcome to reality girlfriend. I have to get up amd sweat and move once a day every day FOREVER!
Do you guys all love or hate exercising? Do you do it everyday?
Love and Hugs.

P.S. Now that the coffee has kicked in I'm gonna go do my Jillian Micheals Shred workout!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary Britt and Ryan!

Good Morning Everybody. Today is Britt and Ryan's second wedding anniversary. What a beautiful wedding it was. Under a canopy of trees in a romantic garden they said I do. And partied the night away in a chic lounge setting with all their closest family and friends. It was intimate and timeless, just tlike the couple!
We love you so much you guys! Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more!
Love and Hugs

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I still can't believe it.

Life without Rogue is not cool at all. I just can't believe I will never see her little face trying to sneak up on beds and couches and air mattreses anymore. Or doing her cutie princess eyes to try and convince you to let her up (It worked every time by the way)
Oh Roguey! Oh Rogue. I miss you so bad.
Love and Hugs

Friday, August 27, 2010

My little doggie neice

Good Morning everybody. Today is the saddest day. My little Roguey muffin died last night. She was such a lovely old soul and we are in shock and pain grieving for her.
Love and Hugs

Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred

Good Morning guys! It's friday! Whooohooooo! And today is also my tenth day of the 30 day shred which means I start level 2. I am excited to try some new exercises but also nervous cause Jillian is so tough. I deffinitly feel tighter though from the last 10 days and I will let you know on Monday if I have lost any weight.
This weekend is Festa time in St Julians so I am sure we will be out enjoying the fireworks and music and beer on the street. What do you guys have planned?
Love and Hugs

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anniversary pie for Sue!!!

Hi Guys, If I was home I would whip up this delish Key Lime Pie for Sue and Frankie to eat on their anniversary today. It's Sue's favourite but I'm pretty sure she would also accept a Sour Cream Peach Pie if you wanted to try that out instead.
This photo and recipe is from Camille at Svelte Gourmand. Any one feel like trying it?

Key Lime Pie
-1 (14 oz.) can fat-free sweetened condensed milk
-1 (8 oz.) package of reduced-fat or fat-free cream cheese, softened
-1/2 cup lime juice (or juice of 3-4 small limes)
-1/2 tsp. vanilla
-lime zest (grate the peel directly into the mixture)
-1 9 inch graham cracker pie crust.
-Fat-free Cool Whip

Blend condensed milk, cream cheese and lime juice with mixer. Add lime zest. Mix on low-med speed until smooth. Add vanilla and lime zest, then mix again. Pour mixture into pie crust. Chill in freezer for two hours. Top with Cool Whip. Note: reduced-fat cream cheese is softer than regular, which means that the pie batter is slightly softer, too. If you like a firmer pie–as I do–store it in the freezer.

Viola!!!! Delicious Anniversary limey goodness!

Love and Hugs

4 years for Susan and Francois Légaré!!!!!

Here's a picture of all of Sue's girls looking smokin' waiting for the Bride to arrive.
Good Morning Everybody! Four years ago on this day we walked down this boardwalk at Conrad's Beach to Sue and Frankie's wedding. It was so sunny and beautiful and warm and perfect. The most relaxed and emotional wedding ever. Sue was stunning and Frankie's shirt was loved. After the ceremony, surfers came in from the water with a chilled bottle of champagne for the couple! It was truly magical! Just like their love! Congratulations and heres to many many many more years of love and bliss!!!! We love you guys and miss you desparately!!!
Love and Hugs

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The cutest picture ever

Good Morning Everybody! I know you have all seen this picture on facebook but I can't resit it! I keep coming back to it. Britt is just so adorable! Don't you just want to grap her and squezze her!!! She is confidently riding her vespa around a fountain in the park above the Trastevere in Roma. Kick Ass! (and aren't those sunglasses perfect with the helmet or wha?)
I miss you girl!
Love and Hugs

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Belated Anniversary Brooke and Whit!!!

Oh my dear buddies! Two years married yesterday! Wozers!!! Gosh it was such a beautiful wedding and we were so honoured to share the day with you! We wish you another year full of love, happiness, babies, house making and all that good stuff! Lots of love and big bear hugs!
Love and Hugs

Monday, August 23, 2010

More wedding colour thoughts.....

Good Morning Everybody! So we went and saw the last potential wedding venue on Sat. morning and have decided to go with the Castello. (It's the one that I posted on friday.) We are just in talks with the wedding planner here to secure the date and then we can order and send out save the dates!!! Yahooo!
So I was looking on wedding blogs like normal and saw this beautiful wedding with my favourite peachy hue. And then she added pink and orange! I think I am totally developing my original idea of peach and grey to peach, grey, blushy pink and shocking Orange! Love it! Hey Mom I love the feathery pinky thing in this bookay, what is it? Is it heather? I wonder if we can get it over here in Malta?
Anywho if you are interested to see more of this pretty wedding it's on Style Me Pretty.
Love and Hugs

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Possible wedding venue?

Good Morning Everybody! This is Castello Zamitello in Mgarr, Malta. It's our favourite venue so far and we only have 2 left to see. This great things about this place is that we can have the ceremony dinner and reception all in one place and outdoors like I have always imagined. Also there is no outdoor music curfew like all the other venues we visited previously. It also has that old world charm I have been looking for.
Now for the cons: It's far away. About 25 minutes by car. We will hire a couch bus to transport all of you back and forth. But really we wanted averyone to party and then stumble back to their hotel rooms within a few steps. I guess I can't have everything I have always wanted right?
Please Please Please Please I beg of you tell me what you think!
Love and Hugs

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you find this as interesting as I do?

Good Morning Guys, I know I am obsessed with pictures of soft boiled eggs lately! What's up with that? Anyways.

I love Svelte Gourmand. It's a beautiful blog about, yup you guessed it cooking gourmet health food that tastes like gourmet food. Also there's a lot of info on the health effects of food and yesterday Sara wrote about "Why we shouldn't stress about cholestrol in our food." Here's what she had to say:

"Yesterday I had eggs for breakfast, a shrimp and crab salad for lunch, and some cheddar cheese with dinner. And I didn’t think twice about the fact that these were all high-cholesterol foods. That’s because lately, I’ve been reading a lot of information about just how wrong we’ve been about what cholesterol is and what it does in our bodies.

Let’s start with cholesterol in food itself: For decades, we’ve been told that eating food high in cholesterol will increase our bodies’ own cholesterol. But especially in recent years, study after study’s shown that’s not the case. One Yale experiment by Dr. David Katz, for example, found that eating two eggs a day for six weeks had no harmful effect on healthy adults–even those who already had high cholesterol.

The same’s been shown with shellfish, and, as Camille’s previously posted, butter. A lot of experts say this is because the cholesterol we get from these sources is just different from what’s in our bodies. Katz has a different explanation.

He believes that since our early ancestors ate an incredibly cholesterol-rich diet (organ meats, shellfish, etc.) it makes sense that our bodies have evolved to handle the substance at high levels. What really does raise our cholesterol, he adds, is food that’s high in saturated or trans fats.

If you’re running with this idea, it leads to an interesting question: If we can effectively process all the cholesterol we eat–why do we sometimes seem to overproduce and not process the cholesterol we make in own bodies?

Yesterday, I read a Huffington Post article that really got to the meat of this. In it, columnist Joseph Mercola, MD, argues that high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease–it’s a byproduct of another problem: Inflammation. When our bodies get inflamed, cholesterol is released in huge amounts because one of its functions is–believe it or not–to repair cellular damage. According to Mercola, it’s the weakened artery walls that are the real concern. Reduce inflammation so you protect those walls, and you’ll control your cholesterol. How do you do that? By following, among other things, David Katz’s advice: Monitoring your saturated and trans fat intake. (There are also a whole lot more you can do, like cutting down on sugars, simple carbs, and processed foods.)

The inflammation argument makes a lot of sense to me; I especially like Katz’s point about how cholesterol’s been part of our diet throughout time. It stands to reason that we’d know how to process them a whole lot better than, say, a Twinkie or bag of Pringles."

This makes complete sense to me and is so interesting. I think another thing that can add to the inflammation is daily stress. I see this in my Dad's side of the family and am conscious of being effected as a result.So, keep my stress levels down, keep my trans fats and high frutouse syrup intake low and I will live a long healthy life......Right?

Love and Hugs

I miss yous guys!

Dudes!!!! Where are you guys?!!!! Whoa we miss you!

Love and Hugs

30 day shred challenge

Good Morning guys! Yesterday I recieved the 30 Day Shred DVD with Jillian Micheals in the mail and I started right away. The workout is broken down into 3 workouts, each harder than the prevoius. I am meant to do level 1 for 10 days and then level 2 for 10 days and finally level 3 for the last 10 days. Jillian Micheals is the trainer from The Biggest Loser t.v. show and she's tough and that's why I like her. She makes me work harder than any other exercise that I have done and I know that's what I need to do if I want to see results. She says with this DVD and her meal plan you can lose up to 20 pounds in one month. That seems a little wacko to me and is not my goal. I am sticking to Weight Watchers but I wouldn't be dissapointed with a 5-8 pound loss. ;) So take a look at the picture above and hopefully it will look a little different when I take it again in 30 days. This is going to be hard. I love to exercise, it makes me feel strong and healthy but I usually do it 5 days a week not 30 consecutive days. I am asking a favour from you guys. I need your help, support and most of all motivation if you can?! Thanks! See you in 30 days!

Here's my starting stats:
weight- 215.6 pounds
bust- 47 inches
waist- 40 inches
hips-46 inches
thighs-24 inches
dress size- 16

For the frenchies:
poids- 98 kgs
poitrine- 119 cms
taille-102 cms
hanches- 117 cms
cuisses- 61.5 cms
taille- 46

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Really?! I mean seriously REALLY?!!!!!!

Oh my Goodness people! I would derail my diet in a second for a taste of these eggs benny with fried oysters! I found them on Serious Eats: 36 hours in New Orleans (what to eat) Oh my gosh oh my gosh I want to go back there sooooo bad! I have never had a fried oyster or an au natural one for that matter better than I have had in New Orleans! And Jazz is flying there now right? Like Liz Lemmon says, "I want to go to there!" Oh my gosh oh my gosh, take me to that plate above and I will eat it straight for 36 hours!!! :) (I would also accept a fried oyster po'boy)
Love and Hugs
P.S. Pictures of food make me so happy!!! What about you?

How To Be Alone

Have you seen this lovely video? It makes me feel so warm and cozy....... and rings true as I feel quite alone after all the visitors left. I actually like to be alone but somewhere along the tourist season here at our apartment I became dependant on the faces of my friends and family and forgot how alone I can be day to day until Vince gets home. So I guess I am settling into my old lonely persona and this video makes it all seem okay.
P.S. Does anything in the video look familar to you?
Love and Hugs

Cousin Blake tries Espresso

Good Morning Everybody! Do you love espresso or what? My girlfriend Amberlie just got a brand new Nespresso machine and is totally hooked but not as much as I am jealous! I would drink tiny cups of espresso all day if it didn't give me extreme anixety, panic attacks and the shakes!
I just loved travelling with Blake and watching him try new things. He makes everything so much more awesome! Maybe it's his towering height and tiny cup that sends me over the egde. Either way I miss you buddy!
Love and Hugs

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night drinky poo

Hold on a second! Who is this evil looking man and what is he doing with my drinky poo?!!!!!


Love and Hugs

Last Friday

Good Morning Everybody! It's Friday and I can't stop thinking that this time last week we were on our way to the Blue Lagoon in Comino with Ryan, Britt and Blake. It was really windy and the water was kinda cold and we saw a jellyfish but all that aside it is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. We had a awesome time! Take a look and judge for yourself.
Love and Hugs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chalkboard menus

Hi Guys, Well since we are having a hell of a time finding a venue and location I thought I would try to lower my stress level by browsing the little pretty details of weddings. I found this adorable menu card on Project Wedding and fell in love. Vince and I have had this idea of using a big chalkboard to write the seating chart on for the wedding and this takes it to the next level. Only the above artist used a white pen and black paper.....looks like chalk doesn't it? Do you think it will translate into real life or just end up looking like a preschool art project gone wrong?
Love and Hugs

Happy Wednesday, grab a pint!

Goodmorning Everybody! Well it's hump day and I know I am not the only one who wishes it was friday! I was thinking later Vince and I might pop on down to the our friendly sandwich corner and grab a budget friendly pint of Skol. I only wish Blake and Ryan and Britt were here to share. As you can tell from the above picture Blake couldn't believe his eyes! Miss you Monkeys!!
Love and Hugs

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can't stop!

Goodevening everybody! I have been on my Mac all day playing with IMovie and made another one. This time it's Mom and Dad riding vespas around Rome. Check it out and then please tell me to stop....:)
Love and Hugs

Ring around the Colosseum- Imovie style

Good Morning Everybody! We had such an amazing time in Rome riding around on our vespas soaking it all in. I wanted to share a little piece of that with you. So I spent the better part of my morning putting together this video on my IMovie app. I tried to get a better quality but it was too big to upload. Oh well.
I hope you like it the way it is! P.S. don't forget to turn the volume up.
Love and Hugs

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weight Watchers Monday

Good afternoon Everybody! I am sitting over here in Malta trying to think of something to be happy about after my three favourite people in the world just left.
Sooooooo Monday is my weekly weigh-in day for Weight Watchers and drumroll please....I lost 2.7 pounds this week. Pretty good for totally enjoying my self to the ends of the earth with my family. I guess happiness is the ground work for health! (I thought I would celebrate that by sharing a picture with my slim belly showing! HA!)
I have lost 9.7 pounds since I started this journey on June 21/2010 and am offically down to my pre-pregnacy/miscarraige weight. Now to get working on the other 54 pounds! Wish me luck!
Love and Hugs

The best and the worst

Goodmorning everybody. Vince and I are trying to get back to normal after our family left on Saturday afternoon. We are just shlepping around the house seeing them everywhere and finding little things they left behind..........all the while telling eachother it will get better soon.
Oh man what a wonderful time we had. Just too good maybe. I haven't felt this heartsick in such a long time. I keep seeing Ryan's face everytime I close my eyes. URGH! it will get better soon, Right???
Love and Hugs