Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wine minds think alike

How absolutely beautiful is this photo by Carina Okula? Vince and I are both missing France bigtime right now. Vince thinks it's that weather and I think it's Guelph. Could be a mixutre of both, the damp grey skies are definitely reminiscent of winter in Paris and then there are the old brick homes and horse motifs around exhibition park in Guelph that remind me of Fontainebleau....
Either way we are on a bit of a wine kick. (You can't think France and not taste wine right?) We've been researching the vintages at the LCBO along with Beppi's suggestions in the Globe and have come up with some good bottles such as this outstanding Languedoc from Foncalieu for $15.95.
It's soft and full and just want I have been missing from French wine this past year. Can't wait until I can have more than 1/4 of a cup a day!

If you'd like a few more tips about buying and choosing wine please check out my post on the Foire aux Vins from last year.

Love and Hugs

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gemma is two months old!

Here she is our little miss.

Side profile of the total cutness that is her cheeks.

Just hanging out and loving her purple bow.

Well holy macaroni Gemma is 2 months old. I swear we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday didn't we? She is growing leaps and bounds and we are so deeply in love with her. She has rewarded all our efforts through her first month with beautiful gummy smiles and solid eye contact just for us. It's totally infectious and melts my insides every time. 
We are officially mobile! Gem and I have been all over town this last month. Hitting infant playgroups at the community center and internet mommy meetups and even a breastfeeding clinic last week. Our goal in the next two weeks is to make it to a Mommy/Peanut yoga class.
Our little babe got a bad case of infant acne. It's finally starting to subside but boy was it sad. For me that is, not Gem. She had no idea and was happy as a clam. It was great taking her to those mommy meetups and hearing that it's so normal and so fine. 
Since our last update she's been sleeping a little better, hence I could sit here and write this post today. She's also slowed her feverish breastfeeding pitch and it's so nice. I honestly thought she would be nursing non stop for the next 8-10 months without a breath. But finally we are getting a full-ish feeding and a deffinite break... now if we can only get her to take that break in the form of a nap in her bassinet!

Love and Hugs

Friday, November 2, 2012

Can't think, too tired.

Wow this is hard! Gemma is going through one continious growth spurt and meanwhile I am begging her to take a break and sleep! 
She wants to eat non-stop and when she does drift off it's only while in her mama kangaroo carrier or beside me in bed. (Which stresses me out to no end) 
Thank goodness I've got good women around me. I've started going to Momstown meetups and Britt gave me some incredible advice about using compression to get a fuller feeding thus a longer sleep. Last night Gemma slept for over 2 hrs straight! Alone! Can you believe it? 
I'm trying not to jynx it but I'd love to know, how do you insure your 1 month old goes the F#$%K to sleep?

Love and Hugs