Friday, June 14, 2013

Gemma is nine months old!

We're still teething over here and expecting tooth #9 any day now.

There is also lots of dangerous standing

Hi guys, our little girl is 9 months old! And that means crawling! And standing! She's on the move and won't be stopped. I honestly can't believe how long she can stand for. All her waking hours are spent stading at her play shelf. I keep telling her to take a break but no she's a stading machine!

She's also spontaneously started playing peek a boo. I was doing dishes and glanced over and she was lifting her shirt over her head and then pulling it down and smilling. I obviously melted to mush. When she gets the notion to play peek a boo and I'm doing something else she grunts really loud to get my attention so we can play right now!

She's also waving and clapping. I don't know where she learned this, I don't think Vince and I wave or clap a lot to eachother but we must cause Gemma is waving and clapping like it's her job.

The other super cute thing is she hands me toys to chew on. Not in my hand but my mouth. It's the sweetest thing when we are playing she seems to think oh Mom would love a taste of this and stuffs whatever toy she has right in my mouth. Of course I oblidge her with a nibble.

Hmmm what's on the 'Not' list? Well she's gotten a lot better at getting her face washed but really really hates getting her diaper changed. All diaper changing is now happening on the floor with props ready to distract her and wipes all pulled out and diapers unfolded so we can get it done as quickly as possible. I honestly can't wait till Vince gets home just so he can help me with the diaper changes. Seriously.

Love and Hugs