Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surprise! Surprise!


Gemma bit me! Yup you heard me right, my three month old angel-face has two bottom white tips of teeth that she is using to knaw on my nipple! Fun Fun Fun! 

But I don't know it doesn't sound nearly as bad as Revenge of the Molars. Any advice out there for a bleeding Mommy?

Love and Hugs  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gemma is three months old!

Here's our funny little Christmas girl!

Giving me one of those cheeky sideways smiles like her Daddy

Our Gemma-roo-roo is all grown up! I am pround to announce on Sunday night she slept 6.5 hours in her bassinet from 11pm to 5:30am!!! What a rockstar! I don't care if the next night she only slept 2 hours and last night only 4 hours. She's got to be on a roll right? Or am I kidding myself?!

Her smiles are getting bigger and bigger. She now opens her whole mouth wide and wiggles her tongue at me. And then I eat her! No just joking, but yes I do want to eat her.

She's jibber jabbering and it's the sweetest thing. Sometimes I leave her in bed in the morning to go get my coffee and she is talking so loud to herself I can hear her in the kitchen!

I'm starting to feel drained from breastfeeding and have been considering transitioning to formula. Then I read about ear infections and colds and all the natural antibodies I am passing on to her through my milk and I stop thinking that way. Then I see a bottle of wine and my bed and I start thinking the other way again....

We're on our way to France in a week and a half and so excited to introduce Gemma to her Frenchie family. The little ones are so excited and see her on Skype every weekend and keep asking WHEN? when is she coming already!

Merry early Christmas everyone!

Love and Hugs