Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gemma is eight months old!

 I seriously can't stand her! She is just too too much! I almost left a hickey on her cheek today cause I wanted to eat her so bad!

Other than a little motherly cannibalism here and there the biggest changes this month has been her 8th tooth, her mobility and our big move. We've now renting a mansion (just joking it's a normal size house) in Cambridge to be even closer to Vince. Gemma just started army crawling a few days before the move so it was perfect timing for her. She's been all around this house and her favourite spot is definitely the dog food bowl!

She's still sleeping through the night and I am in complete disbelief. I honestly thought I was condemmed to a lifetime of being awake with my daughter every 1-2 hours for the rest of my life. This is awesome! The fact that she only naps for 30-40mins at a time is no biggie compared to 12 hours of straight sleep every night.

A few of Gemma's favourite things are the dog food bowl, crawling to the dog food bowl, the dog water bowl, sticking her fingers in the dog water bowl, licking the dog water bowl and oh the dog water/food bowl!

The only thing on the 'Not' list is getting her face washed. This is kinda new, she's usually pretty easy going about it but has lately been putting up a big fuss. She wants to leave her face dirty dammit!

I love you Gem!

Love and Hugs