Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gemma is 1 year old!

Gemma is stlyin' in her birthday dress

 Sorry these are so fuzzy but she's hard to catch these days!

Holy Macaroni we made it! Me and Vince and Gem. 1 year and 1 healthy happy baby.

She is officially walking and it's awesome and a little weird. Awesome cause I love following behind her watching her teeter toter around the house, it's like one of those quintesential Mommy moments I always dreamt about happening in real life. Weird cause now when I'm making dinner and she's playing in the other room I will be sneakily trying to load the dishwasher and all the sudden she's there behind me with her chubby little hand on the knives! Holy crap how did she get there so fast!

Other great things are watching her play...seeing that she remembers things and thinks about things. Sometimes she comes over and looks at me deep in the eyes and mumbles something, it's so darn cute! I love watching her play the xylophone, she's clumsy and determined and it's also so darn cute! Everything she does is just so darn cute!

I suppose I will stop taking the monthly pictures for now and maybe go to every six months or so. I'm still working on writting her birth story and another long winded 'what I've learned' type post if you're interested.

Until then see you Saturday at Gemma's big bash!

Love and Hugs

Oh yeah and Gemma's dress is by a French brand called Catimini, her bow is from Carter's and her shoes are H&M. She likes to do that whole high/low thing.