Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taste- A Birthday dinner

March 5th is coming up fast and that means I will be 33 years old! Holy crapoly how did that happen? Anyways. I get to pick a dinner spot and I have my eye on two possible restaurants.

1. The Hogtown Vegan is a kickass vegan place in the west end of town that serves comfort food such as unchicken and waffles and seitan rubens. They are hip, tasty and no animals were harmed, what more could you ask for.

2. Campagnolo also does comfort food but in my other favourite manner which is southern Italian!  (just kicking myself here that it's not Burrata season). I've always loved modern/bistrot/minimalist Italian food and these guys apparently are awesome at it having just won a spot in the top ten list of enRoute's best new restaurants 2011.

So what do you think, The Hog or The Italian? I am waiting for your informed opinions! 
Is there any other place in Toronto you have in mind? 

Love and Hugs 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Be- Everything

What are you doing right now that you're good at? Are you doing it will love and passion and a little bit of fear in your heart? I hope to goodness I can be just like Erma.....

Look up and ask, what am I meant to be doing? What does my soul want from me. Am I hiding and how can I come out from under the blanket?!

Love and Hugs

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do-Take a bath

Holy man right now I am dreaming of this:

But unfourtunately this is my reality:

My feet are seriously sore! They are screaming on a minute to minute basis for me to sit the eff down. 
So this is it friends I need your help. What brand or even particular shoe do you reccomend to a person working on her feet all day?
I was so naive and really had no idea it would feel like this! I will pay any amount of money to work my eight hours not once thinking about this damn shooting pain. 

Thanks guys, I know you have my feet, errrr I mean back! 

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taste- what we've been making

Living with Ryan and Britt is awesome! We are always trying new things out in the kitchen. It's pretty great to have a whole second set of recipe books to browse through and get inspired by. I wanted to share a few things we tried last week that I'm in love with.

Holy macaroni is right! It's really easy and so delicious! The only tweak I would say is it could use a little more coconut milk. But you try it out and let me know what you think. Sarah at A House in the Hills has a crazy amount of yummy things to cook, go over and check it out!

              Next was these Crispy Smashed Potatoes I found on Pinterest via Caramel Potatoes

What a great idea eh? When I was making them all that was going through my head was "Why didn't I think of this!" And then I burned them a little. Whoops. But seriously it's such an easy idea and great change from your regular potato side dish, just make sure your rack isn't too low in the oven. ;)

What's been going on in your kitchen the last little while? Any great recipes to share?

Love and Hugs

Monday, February 6, 2012

Be- My friend?

Aren't friends awesome? I miss mine. Especially after I watched this funny video found on A Cup of Jo. Check it out:

How cute are they?

And where are my girls anyways?! I miss you ladies! You rock and I love you eventhough we are far apart. Hey! wanna get together on skype and watch episodes of Downton Abbey at the same time with wine and everything? :)

Love and Hugs

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do- Start a new job!

Hey you guys I did it, I got the job! This morning is my first day at AVEDA and I am so excited!

I'll be working on the front desk of the spa and the floor offering every guest a complementary wellness moment of hand massages and scalp massages! I am so excited to work within a company that connects beauty, environment and wellbeing! 

I'll tell you all more about it once I learn more but for now, please keep your loving fingers crossed for me and wish me luck! I am on my way to fufilling my dream of working in the wellness/natural/spirtual world one little step at a time.

Love and Hugs