Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gemma is five months old!

My big girl

Her eyes are coming through as more of a grey blue this last week, what do you think?

My happy missus

She loves looking at herself in the mirror.

Here's a shot of her adorable baby bum in jeans to cheer up your day! ohhhh I could just eat her!

Here we are at five months and what's new you ask? Well poor Gemma is still teething big time. I feel so bad for her and seriously wish that bastard tooth that's been bothering her would just come through already! What the heck?! The bottom two sprouted in a day so what's taking so long with these other ones?! 

We've started a bedtime routine (bath, swaddle, milk, luulaby, bed) and trying to help Gemma sleep better. Honestly it's not really working out. She still hasn't slept good since we got home from France on Jan 08th! Could she still be jet legged? I can't imagine. But those nights of 10 hrs and 7.5 and even 5.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep are far behind us. The little Gemmaroo wakes up around 4-6 times a night and the longest stretch of sleep has been 3 hours but it's usually more like 2 or even 1 hour. :(

Gemma is a rolling machine. She can't stop flipping fiercly from her back to her belly and then pulling herself up. The problem is she has a really hard time rolling back over again so she gets stuck and then mad. I know she needs to learn and teach herself but I can't help saving her everytime. She's my babe!

I love spending my days with Gemma. She's the sweetest little love bugly and such a gentle sweetheart. I can't wait to see what next month brings!

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gemma's nursery

We're moving again! Surprise! Surprise! (Yeah right you're not surprised.) We're moving to London Ontario in a few months due to Vince's job. It's good and bad, good to be closer to my Grandpas and Aunts but sucky to further away from my parents and Ryan, Britt and Will.

Now that the surprise is out of the way lets snoop in Gemma's room shall we? First off you must know that Gemma's room is tiny tiny and also has the only closet in the whole house but we were making it work. I say that in the past tense because as of a few days ago I bought a ridiculously XXL swing online after trying EVERYTHING to help her sleep. Well it arrived and is sitting smack dab in the middle of her room. You actually can't walk around it you have to shimmy. :(


You might remember the post I made back when I was pregnant and sleeping like a normal person and basically in lala land. Here it is. So yes we did end up purchasing that print and using my wedding veil in the design and I'm so happy with the end result. It's all peachy pink and grey. When we were at Fabricland picking out the fabrics my Mom asked me ever so nicely if I might ever considering picking any other colour palette or will I forever be choosing peachy pink and grey.
I let her down nicely. ;)

Sunny welcomes you into her sister's room

Mom custom made all the crib fabrics and window coverings. Can you believe her?

See that little clown and puppy pillow? Mom used a silk scarf that
Vince painted when he was a little boy to cover it.

I think Gemma loves her mobile and crib. Too bad she never sleeps in there!

The Gallery wall

I found the paper mobile on you guessed it, Etsy!

Of course I wanted one of those $900.00 modern upholstered grey looking gliders but I live in reality so instead we bought this one for $100.00 second hand.

A few of Gemma's books came from Mamie and Papy in France. See the Popi one up there?
Vince used to read that when he was a little guy.

So there you have it, a peak inside Gemma's little nursery which we will have to pack up and
set up in a new house soon. :(

Love and Hugs