Monday, October 31, 2011

Be Monday- You are more than you know

 "Why do you think you are a small star when the whole universe is inside you?"
~Sidi al-Jamal

You may have gone futher away from it. You might hate yourself, say mean things all day long and think you are good for nothing. Maybe it goes something like this, "URGH! I didn't return that email fast enough, why can't I ever do anything on time OR I can never get a healthy dinner on the table for my family OR I still haven't lost those freaking last 15 pounds OR Of course I didn't get called to that meeting, I'm not smart enough anyways and don't have the same degree as that other guy."
Listen that doesn't matter. You deep down under all that is a perfect loving being and there is no escaping it. You can lose you way but it is always there waiting patiently for your return. 

If you have trouble letting go (some people like to punish themselves and think they deserve it so letting go can be too hard and I complelely understand and stuggle with this all the time too.) then try this: Close your eyes and visualize putting that to the side. You didn't let it go, it's okay it's just up there over to the side. Now look in the middle closer, deeper inside yourself. There it is! The loving perfect being you are, full of potential and love. Your best friend who is ALWAYS on your side. Now just rest here for a moment and appreciate it and maybe even smile a little bit?

Then take back the things you didn't want to let go and open your eyes and go about your day. But keep coming back to that 30 seconds of being your true self as often as you can. 

And tell me what happens.

Love and Hugs

Friday, October 28, 2011

Freeforall Friday- What's your favourite Halloween movie?

Every Halloween at my house was so much fun mostly because of my Brother and his love of all things scary. He was a Dracula, shark and Micheal Jackson's Thriller freak and I loved it. I think that's the main reason Fall is my favourite season. We would dream and plan our costumes for months. It was Chrsitmas and Halloween, the two best holidays of all time! And you couldn't have Halloween weekend without a proper scary movie, right?

A few or our favourites were:

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Acutally I think this was just me. I'm a sucker for Holiday themed t.v. episodes.

The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror. This is new on the list and actually Vince hates it! Isn't that funny!

Beetlejuice. I mean what can you say but Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice!

Translvania 6-500. Oh man this was on the very top of our list. We would ask to rent this everytime we got babysat. As I grew up I developed a mean crush on Jeff Goldblum and I'm pretty sure this movie is to blame.

Dracula. I only saw this once but wondered if you saw it too? Did you feel bad for him?

Ghostbusters. Well of course you can't have Halloween with out the Gate Keeper.

Young Frankenstein. Gosh I love Gene Wilder and Mel Brookes. Makes me so happy just thinking about this movie.

But to get our fix every single Saturday morning (Halloween or not) at 7am we would watch The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Do you remember it? It had Vincent Price and the Wolfman as a DJ and Igor and The Librarian and that scary Witch who cooked? No well maybe the opening song will remind you.

So what movies or t.v. shows can't you miss during Halloween? Do you watch funny ones like me or love the super scary ones? Are there any Halloween traditions in your house?
I hope you have a very scary Halloween my friends!

Love and Hugs

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do Thursday- Fontainebleau Castle

While Sunny was getting her hair done last Saturday we took the opportunity to visit our castle. (There are no Dogs allowed, not even sweet little fluffy white ones.) We decided to just visit the gardens and the grounds this time. Mom and Dad are coming to visit in November and we plan to visit the inside with them next month.

The Castle was built by King Francis in the 16th century and is apparently the inspiration for the massive gorgeous gardens at Chateau Versailles.

I was just like, "Welcome everybody, come on in!" "Oh this little place? Well no haven't you been to Marie's place at Versailles? This is nothing! Just a humble abode we like to say."

And then there were the peacocks. Holy crap I was standing right beside one and thought it was a statue and then it moved and so did I! I actually screamed. Poor birdie. But seriously how cool are peacocks??!!!

Reflecting on how lucky I am to live here. 

Wait there's more wildlife! Don't forget about the swans for goodness sakes! They are so hypnotic. I couldn't stop staring.

Photo for my Mom and Dad.

Then is was time to go. But not before our favourite weekend thing, Apero! Having a beer on a terrace. Oh yeah!

What did you guys get up to last weekend? Have you ever been to the Fontainebleau Castle? And Versailles? How would you compare the two?

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wear Wednesday- Let's go shoe shopping!

I've got a great trio of fall/winter shoes but am missing the everyday flat boot in the mix. It seems I can't stop buying dressy shoes. I can't convince myself to spend money on something practical! What's wrong with me! The low boots I wear everyday have holes in them and are so sad I couldn't bear to show you. So here's the other three instead:

These babies are from Massimo Dutti this season. I loooooove them! 

This NineWest pair was bought in India 2009 and I wear them with black evening attire.

These are my Steve Madden boots from 2006. They are a great pair of boots but the heel is just that much too tall for me to wear them all day. :(

This pair from Hudson is probably what I should be buying......

But wouldn't these Theysken's Theroy Wedges be more fun?

Or even this mint Jeffrey Campbell pair!  How amazing are they?

But nooooooooo I have to buy practical winter shoes or boots or whatever. So tell me what are you wearing on your feet this season. Fun or not so fun? Colourful or just brown? Practical or frothy?
And please tell me I can go splurge at Jeffrey Campbell instead of buying boring old winter boots! Thanks guys! ;)

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taste Tuesday- What's on your breakfast plate?

I'm in an oatmeal rut. I have oatmeal with walnuts, cinamon, maple syrup and fruit every single morning. Yes Yes I know it's good for me. It has awesome amounts of fiber, those good carbs that release slowly and keep you energized , and even reduces your cholesterol. But I need a change and I'm hoping you can help me!

Here's what my morning currently looks like:

Warm lemon water, green earl grey tea and oatmeal

Have you ever seem breakfast superstar Jennifer Causey's website called Simply Breakfast?  These are a few of the gorgeous breakfast inspirations you can find there:

Toasted bagle with avocado, crushed red pepper, black pepper, olive oil and salt.

 Plain yogurt with sauteed peaches, honey, almonds, and pumpkin seeds.

Buckwheat griddle cakes from Buckshot Sonnys.

Quinoa with almond milk and prunes

English muffin with natural peanut butter and honey 

So what do you eat in the morning anyways? Are you a coffee addict? Do you juice? or do you skip it all together? And what do you think I should eat tomorrow for breakfast?

Love and Hugs

Monday, October 24, 2011

Be Monday- Live the life you've always imagined

"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want"

- Esther Abraham-Hicks

So why not use your imagination to create something you do want. What would you do or say if you were living the life you always wanted? The one that's completely positive and free from worry? What's the big deal anyways, leave the crappy stuff in the past and move on with a smile and a hope. You'll be surprised at what happens next, gosh you might just smile like never before! Or end up looking like this Doggie, he looks like he's having a good time doesn't he?

But seriously just fake it until you make it. Think you are happy and then you will be, I promise. If you don't believe me maybe Henry Ford can convince you?

Wednesday is a new moon. It's a great time when everything and everyone is conspiring to help you start over and rise to another level. So make some positive happy plans. Stop worrying and use your imagination for good instead of evil.

What do you want out of your life? Tell me tell me do!

Love and Hugs

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freeforall Friday- 12 by 2012 and an Award!!!

It's Listmania over here at The Sentimental Suitcase! Are you ready for this jelly? Did I just say that? YES!

Have you guys heard of this? Danni from Oh, Hello Friend has proposed a goal project entitled 12 by 2012.  I've seen it on a few blogs here and here and I am thinking I could use with a few challenges and ambitions to end this year off right.

So let's get started shall we?

1. lose 15 pounds
2. Secure a volunteer position at a wellness/healing/yoga/meditation type center in Toronto
3. Get a job
4. DIY all our Christmas gifts
5. Continue meditating every single day
6. Send Christmas cards with heartfelt well wishes in each
7. Send out our Wedding thank you notes
8. Finish my book
9. Join OA in Toronto
10. Bake every Sunday until I leave for Toronto with my honey
11. Provide photographic evidence of all the things I strike off this list
12. Go on that weird outdoor climbing tree thing in the woods near our house (Scary!!!)

In other news the hilarious girl after my own heart Samantha Vérant from The Frog and a Princess gave me the Stylish Blogger award! Can you believe that? Ahhhhh! I am over the moon crazy about this! That kind of thing has never happened to me and I feel so humbled and cool. Okay enough Ego, calm down little f*#%'er!

Anyways, in order to collect the award you must reveal 7 truths about yourself and pass it on. Fun!

 1. I believe in God. There I said it. Now you all know. I am spiritual. I think there are other forces at work that we can not see and I am only living half my life if I can't appreciate and explore that.

2. We are gonna start trying to make a baby in Jan, 2012! Ahhh!

3. Vince and I are sleeping in bunk beds right now (hence the not pregnant part) But don't worry still very much in love just have a tinytiny apartment until we move mid Nov.

4. I prefer to shower in the afternoon than the morning, is that weird? I just hate getting all cold and wet in the morning. I take a while to wake up.

5. I'm a vegetarian and a foodie/wine snob. Yes we do exist.

6. I'm actually excited to be moving to Toronto and living there. Yes we do exsit. ;)

7. hehehe I love making lists and my brother calls me Lieutenant Precise after my father Captain Precise who also has a small worry problem (BIG) and likes to make lists and check and check and re-check!

So now for my choice for the next Stlyish Blogger award! And the award goes to the most sophisticated colourful amazing cool woman I know Noelani from Mon Petit Chou Chou. Who am I kidding she's probably recieved this award more times than I can count she's just that stylish!

Congratulations Noelani!

Now tell me you guys do you have a 12 by 2012 list? I'd love to know what's on it! Do you want to share with me? I am so nosy! Indulge me!

Love and Hugs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do Thursday- Climbing mountains

Well not really just up a little hill near the Fontainebleau Castle. Wanna come with us? Coooome on, you'll feel better after!

The first part was this neat cobble stone walkway that I imagined was an old trade route or maybe for knights and horses from the Castle? It looks like there were even some trenches?

Here's the welcome board. It's rated easy and about 2 hrs long. Man I wish I could read better in French. But honestly early Saturday morning after a wine n dine evening the night before...not gonna happen!

Anyways. "Almost there Monkey! Keep going!" Sunny loves going on walks and runs in the woods. For an indoor lap dog she is quite the little outdoor enthusiast.

 "Don't worry about me you guys! Yup, no problem I'm just back here!"

It promised a great view and delivered. Fontainebleau forest is beautiful and expansive. It's lovely to see it from up here where you can tell how small the village/town really is all nestled inside the forest.

We went off track, thought we were lost and joked but felt kinda scared about Robin hood type hoodies hiding in the forest waiting to attack us! Ahhhhh!

Thank goodness it was actually part of the route! We ended up back at the bottom where we were suppossed to be with our Saturday started off right and a very dirty doggie!

Do you guys love walking in the woods as much as I do? Even in the suburbs I long to get off the pavement and into the woods. Where's your favourite place to get some exercise?

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wear Wednesday- What we wore: Bride and Groom

Hey guys wanna see the details of what we wore to our wedding? I love looking at other brides pictures and finding out how they put the whole thing together so I thought you might like to, too?

The hairclip- Mom assembled it in my hair literally as I was getting ready. She picked up the flower at a shop on Queen West in Toronto along with the feathers and an antique broch. She's a creative powerhouse I tell ya.

The shoes- were comfy green suede sling backs from CosmoParis.

The jewels- My earrings are diamond and pearl spirals from Birks that my parents gifted me for my 30th birthday and the bracelet I won on a wedding giveaway. My Aunt Jane re-worked it, taking off the ribbon and adding clasps to make it into a bracelet instead. My family is full of creative ladies!

The viel- from Pronovias and is the most luxurious and beautiful thing I have ever owned. It's made of french silk tulle with intricate lace around the edges. I'm trying to think of a way to use it in the future. Maybe a canopy over a baby bassinet?

It was catherdral length and totally not what I imagined I'd pick. Maybe not the best choice for an outdoor wedding but what can you do? The heart wants what the heart wants and man did mine ever want that veil! Thank you so much Mom and Dad.

Vince's suit- a three piece very well made suit from De Fursac.
Vince's tie- a silk pink/grey/taupe checkered tie from Paul Smith.
His accessory- a hankerchief from Etsy I had embroidered
His shoes- beautiful brown leather shoes from Hardridge that he's owned for years!

The dress- is Medina from Pronovias Spring Summer 2010. We bought it at Balletts in London Ontario the very same place my Aunt Jane bought her dress ten years earlier.

I fell in love with it right away and cliché as it may be I cried when I tried it on. I loved the material and especially the skirt with the pick up in the front. I felt sexy and beautiful and skinny! I also felt like my boobs were somewhat under control. I had started to succomb to the idea of having to pull up my top all night while wearing a strapless dress. I thought all the ones with straps would be matronly. Not so!

Vince's shirt- lucked out and found a great deal at Izac.
We escaped at the end of the night and forgot my veil, Vince's jacket and vest. Thankfully the best man had us covered and brought them back with the bus load of happy boozey guests a little later.

Vince shirt was soaked through. He brought another one with him in case this happened and would have to change. He never did, I didn't ask him too. We were just having too much FUN dammit!

I would lovelovelove to know what dress or suit you wore or a want to wear? Did you accessorize with already owned pieces or go all out and buy new ones? What was/will be your favourite part of your look? Come on girls and boys, spill the beans!

Love and Hugs

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taste Tuesday- What we ate: a week in food photos

So I guess you've noticed it's Fall?;) I think in Canada and France we are both experiencing the smells and chills of the season and for me there's nothing like cooking when it gets cold out. Don't you agree? You feel like getting cozy and the food at the market is the type that brings comfort and needs to be roasted, I love it!
Here's a few pictures of the things we cooked up last week:

Wednesday was roasted butternut squash and adzuki bean soup.

Thursday was Sara's Sweet potatoes with chili beans, creme fraiche and guacamole

Friday welcomed fresh pasta with chantrells, roasted garlic, thyme and a knob of chevre

Saturday challenged us with aloe vera, apple and green tomato kebabs at Voy Alimento

Sunday brought cheese of course! We had Montbriac, Gloriotte and a seriously old Cantal

Back to healthy living Monday was barley, black radish, tomato and chard soup

This next week has pumpkin, potato, more swiss chard and apple and pear written all over it.

Anybody have suggestions or recipes?

And what did you eat all week my friends? I'd love to hear!

Love and Hugs