Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's it! We're back together!

Guess what guys? Vince got his offer yesterday and that means me and Paris are starting over!

Dear Paris,

I know it's been awhile! (14 long months) but I want you back if you'll have me. Remember the times we had; bike riding? eating? drinking? That time I cried when I saw you all lit up at night. Remember?
You mean so much to me! You and Me we're like two peas in a pod, one in the same and no one can ever tear us apart. I promise this time I won't be leaving. This time will be different. I will get a permanent apartment and a power bill and a parking space and everything!
You just make me so crazy! I can't think of anything else!
Please meet me next Friday afternoon at the Le Cave des Abbesses. We'll get some bordeaux and rillets and talk it over.

Love and Hugs,


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