Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taste- A Birthday dinner

March 5th is coming up fast and that means I will be 33 years old! Holy crapoly how did that happen? Anyways. I get to pick a dinner spot and I have my eye on two possible restaurants.

1. The Hogtown Vegan is a kickass vegan place in the west end of town that serves comfort food such as unchicken and waffles and seitan rubens. They are hip, tasty and no animals were harmed, what more could you ask for.

2. Campagnolo also does comfort food but in my other favourite manner which is southern Italian!  (just kicking myself here that it's not Burrata season). I've always loved modern/bistrot/minimalist Italian food and these guys apparently are awesome at it having just won a spot in the top ten list of enRoute's best new restaurants 2011.

So what do you think, The Hog or The Italian? I am waiting for your informed opinions! 
Is there any other place in Toronto you have in mind? 

Love and Hugs 

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