Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gemma is four months old!

My little sweet darling babes

Sunny was not having this photo shoot without her!

Gemma was surprised....

and happy to have her sister beside her at all times! 

Well four months what can I say?! Basically it's all about teeth for us! 3 days after her 3 month birthday two little bottom front teeth sprouted and we have not looked back. She is continuously teething and has even started biting down hard on my breast. It's extremely painful and scary so we've started to giver her bottles of mixed breastmilk and formula during the times when she's really biting down hard. (Gemma would like to add something here, she HATES bottles and doesn't know why they were ever invented in the first place. )
Other than the teeth thing, we made our first trip to France over Christmas and it was wonderful! Gemma bonded right away with her Mammie and Papy and loved every minute of it! She was a great baby on the plane and basically slept soundly both ways.
She's started giggling a little and I think I even heard her say DaDa yesterday....shhh don't tell Vince. It doesn't count anyways cause he's called Papa in French! ;)

Love and Hugs

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