Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gemma's birth story- The Short of it

Sept 11th, 2013 (Her due date)
My water broke around 4:30 am and had a slight green colour
Midwife told us to come into hospital and get a reading on the baby and check the fluid
She comfirmed it was meconium and my care would have to be transfered to a physician and I would have to birth in the hospital
I wasn't having contractions yet so she said go home take homeopathic medicines, walk, get accupressure, pump do anything to start labour and come back to be admitted to hospital at 2:30pm
At 2:30 still no contractions, arrived at hospital was immediatly induced with pitocin.
Sept 12th, 2013
Around 1am the piticon was so strong my contractions were actually on top of eachother but I was only 1-2 centemeters dialated. Had epidural.
Between 4-8am After multiple examinations Doctor keep telling me we would have to have an emergency c-section. Called midwives in and they held the doctor off.
Around 11am I was about 9 centimeters dialated and epidural was worn off.
11:30am started pushing. Nurse kept threathing to use a vaccum and forseps because my contrations were so far apart and Gemma's heart rate was slowing.
12:37 Gemma was born vaginally with a 2nd degree tear. No forcepts, no vaccum. 
4pm left hospital with a beautiful healthy 7 lbs 2 oz baby Gemma-roo.

And there you have it, our birth story in 300 words or less!

Please share your birth stories and ask me any questions, I love talking about it!

Love and Hugs

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