Thursday, August 20, 2015

Elliot is 6 months old!

Oh little man of ours! Well we made it through the big growth spurt and the sleep training and now you can eat solid food! You are definitely prepared with two new top teeth and 4 all together now. We are feeding you the baby led weaning way and you love it. You will slap at the food and squish it in-between your fingers and are getting better and better at swallowing.  Your favourite is definitely corn on the cob. You're like a happy little rabbit once you get that cob up to your mouth.
You are also doing this adorable thing where when you laugh or someone makes you smiles you crunch up and put your fingers in your mouth and wiggle your toes. It's like your whole body is just happy to be happy. That's how I would describe you Elliot, Happy to be Happy. Sometimes when it's just the two of us at home and you are playing and I catch you and you smile that big gorgeous smile back at me my eyes well up with tears I love you so.

Love and Hugs

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