Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three cheers for Buckwheat

Breakfast Buckwheat with milk, nectarine, almonds and a tsp of honey
Dinner Buckwheat (with oilves, tomatoes, chickpeas, cumin, lemon juice and lettuce!

Wozers check out the pics my new camera makes! It's insane! Expect many more foodie pics to come! ;)

Anywho so Buckwheat! Yay! Yesterday was our first try and it was a delicious success!

While many people think that buckwheat is a cereal grain, it is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for grains for people who are sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain glutens.

Diets that contain buckwheat have been linked to lowered risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Whohoooooooo!

Also, Buckwheat contains almost 86 milligrams of magnesium in a one-cup serving. Magnesium relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow and nutrient delivery while lowering blood pressure-the perfect combination for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Whoa! Buckwheat is healthy and available and easy to cook. Here's how:

No soaking or rinsing required. Bring two cups of water to slow boil, stir in 1 cup of buckwheat. Put lid on, reduce to low and boil until water is absorbed which is about 10-15 mins. Don't let it get too mushy. And voila! A great whole food that seems like carbs! Use it intead of white instant rice, or white pasta, or boiled potatoes. Make it for breakfast like oatmeal with fruit, honey and nuts on top. Or at lunch in salads with anything!

Next up is Millet. What the hell is millet anyways and is it even good for me? How do I cook it? We'll find out!

Love and Hugs

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