Monday, January 24, 2011

Weight Watchers weigh in Monday

Good Morning Guys! So you remember where I was last week eh? Well this morning I weighed in at 90.7 kgs or 199.5 pounds! I lost 0.5 pounds! Whooohooooo right? I wish I was happier. I am feeling a little plateau-ey. I checked the weight tracker on my WW online account and I weighed in at 199.5 on Dec 6th so it's been over a month hovering around this same number. I know I have to be patient with my self and weight loss only gets harder the longer you keep at it but come on!

That being said I am feeling stronger this week! During Christmas in France it was so hard to refuse wine and cheese, beautifully made cakes, little apero snacks, sumptuous foie gras and the party just keep going when I got home. I didn't gain a massive amount or derail my train but still I was hoping to keep losing little by little even though it was the holidays.

Back to reality. I have put the wine bottle back in the cabinet (for weekends only) and brought out the soup bowl instead. I am trying my hand at different flavourful soup recipes to take the damp chill out of this Maltese winter and a maybe a few inches off my waist!
We'll see how it goes!
How are you guys doing? How were the holidays on your waistline?!

Love and Hugs

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