Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Conversations between doggies

This phot0 of Ozzy and Maggie is called, "Wait, Let me get this gum out of my mouth." by Brian Burke who also runs the daycare Back in the Pack in Calgary where the two bullies are at.

This is what Brian thinks they were talking about:

"Maggie was waiting for Ozzy to tell her what life at the daycare was like. This was the first time that our two bulldog clients were in on the same day and Maggie had made a pretty long list of items she wanted answers to. The problem was that Ozzy wouldn't spit his wad of red gum out and by the end of the day Maggie didn't get a single question answered."

HAHA! Do you ever wonder what animals are talking about? I do all the time!

Love and Hugs

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