Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick Meditation by Russell Scott

Sit comfortably with your back straight and take in a deep breath. As you let it out, sigh and let your body relax. Do this three times. Close your eyes. Begin to ask yourself this question: "What's true about me?"
Start off by noticing the obvious:
  • You are breathing.
  • You are sitting.
  • You have a body.
  • You have a mind that can speak to you.
  • You have a heart that beats.
Let yourself notice more:
  • You have a place to live.
  • You have some income.
  • You have some friends.
  • You have a companion.
  • You have a family you care for.

Keep taking it further. The things you notice and observe may grow subtler. You may notice that the truth about you is that you have life in your body. And even though you struggle at times, you still haven't given up.
  • There's still hope.
  • There's goodness in you.
  • There's a desire to treat others well.
  • You want to love and you want others to love you.
  • Kindness is there.
After ten minutes, notice if you are feeling more energy. Observe if you are experiencing more things about yourself that you may normally take for granted. You'll find that you should be feeling a little bit more alive.

Why does this simple meditation work?

Because we deny so much about ourselves, that denial shuts down the very thing about us that gives us life. It denies the very thing that wants to radiate from us, the very thing that people really like about us. It denies who we really are! Because we all want to live from our reality, and not from falsehood, phoniness or inauthenticity, it's the truth of ourselves that we need to live within and what we must learn to embody and present. Living our truth gives us life and gives everyone we meet life.

Be you to fullness,

Russell Scott

Hi guys, I had to repost this on behalf of Mr. Scott because to me this is such a simple beautiful meditation and a wonderful way to connect and heal yourself everyday. I often do this to calm myslef down from aniexty too. Try it out. It works!

Love and Hugs

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