Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday my ole Dad!

54 years ago today my Dad was born! And thank goodness for that! Anybody who knows him knows that he is the most loyal supportive man around. I can't imagine a more loving father growing up and now as a adult I can truly see how lucky I am.
I miss our talks in the car on the way to the airport all those mornings and evenings we worked together but now they are replaced by vacation after vacation spent together in Paris and Rome and Malta and the list goes on. I love watching and being with my Dad while he travels. He is the happiest man alive in those moments and I always feel like the luckiest daughter alive to be right there beside him holding his hand. I live for those times when I can sense his complete happiness shining from within. It makes my heart heavy and then feeling ovewhellmed with love. You know what I mean? I love you my Dad! You make me proud and happy and lovey!

I hope you have a great day today with lots of BBQ'ing and Keiths Red and maybe a few face fights or two ;-)!

Love and Hugs

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