Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I can't wait for this

“This was a typical canned fifties photo-grapher’s shot of the father telling the daughter how to make her husband happy. That whole day, I remember having this detached feeling, like I was performing in a play. I hadn’t integrated the idea of getting married yet, and here I was getting married. Anyway, it was a very nice play: The props were all nice, and the gentleman involved seemed quite nice. I’m still getting to know him.” Pat Mendlovitz Goldman, retiree, married April 1957

Photo: Courtesy of Pat Mendlovitz Goldman

“I felt like a princess in that dress. And I guess I should have felt skinny. We did a lot of dancing that day. ‘Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing’ was our song. Incidentally, I proposed to Stanley. If I’d waited for him to do it, I’d only be celebrating my 25th anniversary this year, not my 50th.” Dr. Geraldine Chrein, retiree, with husband Stanley Chrein, retiree, married June 1961

Photo: Courtesy of Chrein Family

Aren't these photos and quotes adorable? They're from a New York Times article called, "The start of something great". I wonder what that is going to feel like? Standing there on my wedding day....

Love and Hugs

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