Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Be- 28 1/2 weeks pregnant

Hi my friends! I'm so sorry I am behind on the pregnant posting this last week! Whew it's busy around here....I always feel like I'm saying that, am I always saying that? ;)

This pic is from last week when I was 28 weeks and started the 3rd trimester! Whoohoooo almost home free! A few things that have been happening:

-Met one of the midwives that will be attending our homebirth here in Guelph. She's awesome and I love her.
- Having major hormone surges (mood swings) with anxiety and crying. That sucks.
-Fatigue and nausea  are baaaaaack! URGH!
-Started birth classes that incorporate meditation which has been fantastic so far. We did a visualization where we had to take the place of our baby and during it the baby told me she is fine and big and healthy and I should stop worrying. That is wasn't fair I was thinking she would die like the previous baby. That she thought I didn't believe in her. So yeah that was pretty powerful in shaking myself out of all these negative thoughts.

So that's about it! We're moving into our new apartment/house this Sunday so I might not have the 30 week preggo pic for you until the following week when we get the internet up and running.

But enough about me, how has your summer been? Any awesome cocktails? Festivals? Events? Shopping? Come on girls give me the details!

Love and Hugs

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