Monday, July 9, 2012

Be- 31 weeks pregnant

Hi guys! Here's the belly on our 1st wedding anniversary last friday all dressed up for dinner. She cleans up well don't cha think? ;)

What's been happening in the last little bit:

-We just moved into our new place and got internet finally so I am back in the loop my friends! Also means lots of house projects are on the go and needed to get completed before the butterball arrives. And at 7months pregnant that can be friggin exhausting. Good thing I've got a great team of Husband, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister in law, nephew and doggie to help out.
- Being pregnant during Ontario summer heat waves is making me seriously begging the baby to come early. Not too early but earlier you know what I mean girls? I'm eating 14 popsicles a day at this point. Where's my good ole fashioned Nova Scotian non-summer when I need it!
- Got a proper pregnancy pillow called the Leachco Snoogle. Whatever dumb name, the thing works! However Vince is less than impressed, he said I whacked him in the head with it yesterday in the middle of the night. HA!
-Listening to my birth affirmations on repeat these days. My favs are, "My mind and body are calm" (yeah right!) & "I put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby" (Geeze I wish!) & "I surrender my birthing to my body and my baby" (What the?!) . We'll see how well those work when I am in over controller/panic stricken lady mode! Hoping for a miricale over here!

Love and Hugs my dearest friends! I miss and love you deeply!

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