Monday, July 30, 2012

Be- 34 weeks pregnant

Hi my friends! Here's the ole bumpa lump at 34 weeks! It seems to really have popped out in the last week as the baby makes a major growth spurt! Here's a few things that have been happening:

-We had our final ultrasound that confirmed the placenta has moved off my cervix and we can safely birth at home.
- The midwife says the baby is measuring at a perfect pace and she is already facing down locked in my pelvis ready for takeoff! Yikes!
- Milk has been leaking out of my boobies. Wierd and kinda scary. Actually sorta glad it's happening early so I can get used to seeing it a little at a time until the flood gates open.
- I've gained 26 pounds to date and am officially over the recommended weight gain for my BMI during pregnancy by 1 pound. Apparently I am set to gain 1 pound per week in the last little bit of pregnancy so that kinda sucks. Maybe I should have laid off the ice cream?! Too late now! Mauhahahahhahaha!
-Hormonal surges come and go but it's the tiredness that is really taking over right now. So far I have been waking up at 9am and then am back in bed twice during the day for 3 hours naps. This is good right? Cause once the baby is here I will never sleep again? Ever?

I love you guys. I am off to try and finish the nursery so I can take pics and show you soon!

Love and Hugs

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