Friday, November 2, 2012

Can't think, too tired.

Wow this is hard! Gemma is going through one continious growth spurt and meanwhile I am begging her to take a break and sleep! 
She wants to eat non-stop and when she does drift off it's only while in her mama kangaroo carrier or beside me in bed. (Which stresses me out to no end) 
Thank goodness I've got good women around me. I've started going to Momstown meetups and Britt gave me some incredible advice about using compression to get a fuller feeding thus a longer sleep. Last night Gemma slept for over 2 hrs straight! Alone! Can you believe it? 
I'm trying not to jynx it but I'd love to know, how do you insure your 1 month old goes the F#$%K to sleep?

Love and Hugs  

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