Monday, November 12, 2012

Gemma is two months old!

Here she is our little miss.

Side profile of the total cutness that is her cheeks.

Just hanging out and loving her purple bow.

Well holy macaroni Gemma is 2 months old. I swear we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday didn't we? She is growing leaps and bounds and we are so deeply in love with her. She has rewarded all our efforts through her first month with beautiful gummy smiles and solid eye contact just for us. It's totally infectious and melts my insides every time. 
We are officially mobile! Gem and I have been all over town this last month. Hitting infant playgroups at the community center and internet mommy meetups and even a breastfeeding clinic last week. Our goal in the next two weeks is to make it to a Mommy/Peanut yoga class.
Our little babe got a bad case of infant acne. It's finally starting to subside but boy was it sad. For me that is, not Gem. She had no idea and was happy as a clam. It was great taking her to those mommy meetups and hearing that it's so normal and so fine. 
Since our last update she's been sleeping a little better, hence I could sit here and write this post today. She's also slowed her feverish breastfeeding pitch and it's so nice. I honestly thought she would be nursing non stop for the next 8-10 months without a breath. But finally we are getting a full-ish feeding and a deffinite break... now if we can only get her to take that break in the form of a nap in her bassinet!

Love and Hugs

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