Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gemma is six months old!

The Roo with a mouth full of teethens!

Well holy moly 6 months! Gemma has 6 teeth now and she doesn't seem to stop. I keep thinking after a few days of hard teething that we'll get a month break until the next one and then nope a few days later another bastard tooth pops out. So I guess this is Gemma's pace, fast and furious.

I'm getting better at not blaming myself for her horrible sleeping patterns. I mean they are getting better but still she is often up every 2 hours. We'll get a stretch of 5 or 6 hours once a week maybe and I chock it up to teeth and development and just try to roll with it.

But honestly I am beyond exhausted. I had a few bad crying days a couple of weeks ago and decided it's time to ask for help. I need a break and 6 extra hands so I called in the big guns. Mom and Dad are coming over every Wednesday night after work and every Saturday to help with the little toothy beasty baby and I couldn't be happier. Hell I may even get a massage!

A few things Gemma loves are: jumping in her jolly jumper, smiling at people at the dog park, the moment she hears her Dad come home and her frère jacques music box.
A few things Gemma could live without are: Gettting her jammies on after the bath, laying on her back, being held by anyone but me, bottles, pacifiers, sleeping, napping or any down time at all!

Love and Hugs

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  1. Gemma is beautiful, and clearly full of the same spirit her mum has! :)