Friday, July 19, 2013

Gemma is ten months old!

It's weird how when I write the title of this post it seems so small...10 months. I fell like I have aged 10+ years. In a good way but older non the less!

This little one she's a steam roller that's for sure! She's started her tenth month on two feet walking with her walker and smilling the whole way! She's so proud of herself and it's adorable to watch. She's also got 2 new molars to help the eating pursuits which are close to her heart. This girls got a gourmet palate that's for sure!
Hmmm what else, a few favourites are messing up a fresh pile of laundry, knocking over lamps, climbing in drawers, slapping Sunny and smilling/giggling when I tell her NO!

I just can't believe we are getting close to a year already. I was chatting with another Mom today about our babies births and I think I'm finally gonna get that story written. Would you care to read it or TMI?

Love and Hugs

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