Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gemma is eleven months old!

Little miss funny pants is walking! Okay not walking but she did take two steps unaided and now thinks she can surf. (evidence in the above picture).

But seriously she took two little baby steps on Monday and has been practicing them ever since. She also added a few more teeth bringing the total to 12! That's a lot of work for a baby human and so she decided to compensate (WHAT?!!)  with just waking up's 5:50am sound to everybody? Good? Good!

We went on a family cottage adventure vacation last week and it was so fun! She spent all her time with her cousin Will who is 3 months older and I think that's where she got this silly walking idea from. They were so cute together and I can't wait to watch them get in all sorts of trouble as the years go by.

But for now, next on the docket is her big number 1 birthday!

Love and Hugs

P.S. A few notes about lady Gem's style in this post, she is wearing her first and last pair of skinny jeans. She hates them and honestly I can say they did look pretty uncomfortable on her perfectly round chubla butt so back to the store they went. Her headband on the other hand is a keeper. It's handmade by a lovely local Mom named Christina Giancona-Jurewicz . You can find her shop Made with Love Bowtique here. We have a few of her things and they are just adorable! 

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