Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weeks 31 thru 36 of the 52 week portrait project

Week 36: Was Gemma's 2nd birthday! It was a rainy fall day outside so we brought the party indoors. We had a brunch to accommodate for her nap and invited our family. She had a blast and was so enamoured with everyone signing Happy birthday to her. I thought she'd be freaked out but she smiled quietly and loved it! Her best bday gift by far.

Week 35: Weekends are for lazing around reading books on the couch in your under ware.

Week 34: In the middle of preggo sciatic pain time my Mom came to the save the day! (like all month basically) Here Gemma is at the Aquarium in Toronto with Mom and Auntie Britt and cousin Will. I wish I could have been there to watch her discover all the fishes.

Week 33: Too sick to take pictures

Week 32: Too sick to take pictures

Week 31: Mom and Dad show up again and take Gemma to the park! She never wants to get off those swings! Seriously gotta think about getting a set for our backyard next summer.

So there you have it we are all caught up! I'm am finally feeling relief in my leg and can certainly get back to taking pictures and capturing moments with Gemma so stay tuned!

Love and Hugs

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