Monday, May 3, 2010

BBQ Octopus a la Jamie Oliver

Happy Monday Guys! Okay it's really obvious we have a serious BBQ wierd fish problem over here. We just can't stop. Everytime I go to the fish counter at the grocery store there is something new and interesting. What can I do but buy it ,take it home, BBQ and eat it...right?? I just bought Jamie Olivers new cookbook called Jamies Does Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Morroco and Greece. I've never bought any of his books before but I couldn't resist this one mostly because the Italy section is in Venice! and Sweden? That's so weird! I always wondered what they cook up there. Anyways it's a great book with tons of travel pictures and looks of stories which I love. I found this BBQ Octopus recipe in the Greece section and had to give it a try.
What do you think of our results?
Love and Hugs

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