Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sliema Spring Fest with Sue

Happy Saturday Everyone! I woke up early this morning and thought I would start out with the Springfest Sue and I visited two sundays' ago. It was in Sliema which is the next town over. Sue took the coolest picture of us riding the bus over. Can you see us in the drivers mirror?
We got there early and bought a chocolate crossaint and watched the vendors set up. There was a stall for wine and traditional maltese food, one for lace makers, one for flowers and veggies and the list goes on. They even had a karaoke/lip singer! True maltese style! We loved every minute of it. Especially at the end when Sue helped me talk to one of the lace makers about making my wedding veil! I can't wait to take Mom with me to the womens shop when she gets here in June.
Love and Hugs

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