Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art of Living Part 1 course

A breathtaking journey

The Art of Living Course part 1 imparts knowledge about effective methods and breathing techniques from the timeless wisdom of yoga. Sudarshan Kriya ©, a dynamic breathing technique, will strengthen your health and harmonize your thoughts and emotions. You will regain your balance. It is simple, yet profound workshop, a powerful energizer that cleanses deep-rooted emotional stresses and toxins; it brings the mind and body in synchronicity with natural rhythms. Serenity, centeredness better health, greater joy and enthusiasm for life and more harmonious relationships are just some of the results. The Art of Living is about making life a celebration. It is an expression of spiritual values – those attributes and qualities which are the very heart of humanity, such as compassion, non-violence, enthusiasm, and a deep caring for all life and the planet.

All techniques can easily be continued at home. Just a few minutes of daily practice will help you incorporating what you have learned in your daily life and will bring forward your personal development.

Love and Hugs

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