Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loss of smell? No way!

Goodness gracious! My pranic healing is taking me in all different directions and I am loving it! I am currently healing on a rotating basis, my Mom, my Dad, my brother, Vince and now soon my sister in law Britt! I asked them for a list of things I could help them with and my brother sent back a lengthy list to say the least and on it was loss of smell. Ryan's hockey career took so many things from him including his nose! When he was 17 he got in a fight on the ice in Hull, Quebec and the guy cracked his nose and viola! no smell! Can you believe it?
I can't live without smelling things. I smell everything. It's a little weird sometimes and I could not get by without the lovely smell of my crappy espresso maker in the morning! It's my true favourite smell. Oh baby that earthy acidic coffeness oozing out of the spout! Honest to goodness heaven.
I am hoping to help relieve my brother of this and hopefully soon you can catch him bending over every rose bush in Toronto smelling to his hearts content but until then I wanted to ask you what smell can't you live without? or even...what smell do you wish you never had to smell again?
Love and Hugs

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