Thursday, June 9, 2011

Six Everyday

1. Vince and Sunny. Their kisses,cuddles,smiles and tail wags are pure joy to me. And honestly who wants to pass one day without pure joy? duh!
2. My Mac, i.e The Internet! I am officialy addicted. Being an expat with no physical friends near by makes me an internet fiend. I am always checking my email, mom's facebook, ryan's facebook, the blog, Us and the list goes on just so I can feel connected to you guys and not so alone.
3. Morning coffee. It's a love hate thing. I think maybe I should quit but why?! I love it so much and I only have one cup. I am honestly passed out on the couch at 9am if I didn't have one.

4. Mascara. I look like a dead junkie if I don't wear it. I am currently using Colossal Volume by Maybelline but am on a life long search for the best. Any suggestions?

5. Exercise. Same as coffee I love and hate exercise. I love feeling strong and sweaty and that I accomplised something purely physical and good for this body that carries my soul. But then sometimes I just want to lay around eating chocolate in my jamjams you know?
6. I can't go a day without praying. I talk to God all the time. Often I am thanking and begging and loving but most often it's even just a warm feeling. If I haven't prayed for a while and I am living too much in my head I become anxious and weird and emotional and weirder. Praying keeps me sane period.

This is inspired by Taylor's list at She's a cool chick who loves fashion and exercise (hello crossfit!!! The girl deadlifts!)

So I want to know about you guys? What are some of the things you can't live without every single day!

Love and Hugs

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