Monday, June 20, 2011

A funny thing is happening.....

I am considering the end of meat eating for me. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and especially since I started The Art of Living last year.

Here are some of the reasons I am thinking of stopping:

Putting dead animals in my body makes me feel dead.

I want to eat live food like vegetables! I LOVE veggies and fruit! Love love love them!

Meat is getting grosser and grosser for me to eat. We had octopus last night and I could hardly eat it! One of my favourite animals from the sea! Even eggs are sort of grossing me out.

There is something weird about going to the store and buying a piece of meat all prepackaged and ready. I don't know, just weird seeing it sitting there.

Maybe living in France where you go to the market and the heads, feet and tails are still on the animals is starting to make me feel different?

I've always been interested in food and health and recipes and thinking about meat and where it comes from truly makes me more aware of how I feel about eating it.

I have fantasies of growing my own food and I don't think that includes raising and butchuring chickens and pigs.

I think being on the Dunkin diet last month really nailed the coffin shut for me. All meat all the time was a little more than I could handle.

The meditating I have been doing makes me feel a part of the world and closer to animals and everything on this planet than ever before. It's a strange feeling and really hard to explain. But lets just say it feels funny eating animals lately.

So I am considering stopping all together.

Love and Hugs

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