Monday, May 7, 2012

Be- 22 Weeks pregnant

So here it is the Bump I am always convinced is not growing! ;) A few things that have been happening in the last 2 weeks:

1:She moved! Finally! Made me wait till 2 days ago that little bugger but yes I am sure she is alive and kicking in there.
2:Aparently she only moves for chocolate and beer (had 3 non-alcohlic beers and she kicked up a storm). Not a good sign.
3:We have officially entered the extremly baffling world of new baby stuff consumers. The choice and price of gadgets out there you just need to have for a newborn is outrageous, and overwhellming.
4: Names are being narrowed down. A few we like are Gemma, Lucia (Lucie), Sawyer, Millicent, Andie, Aura and Axelle, I wonder which one we're gonna pick!

That's it folks. I am off to work and thankful that it will be over at the end of this month so I can get back to concentrating on my favourite people, YOU!

Love and Hugs

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