Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be- 24 weeks pregnant

We're doing it guys! We made it to 24 weeks already! Did you know this means that the baby is viable? She can now survive outside the womb if delivered prematurely. Of course I seriously hope she stays in there and makes it to full term but after having a miscarriage in the past this comes as really comforting news.

I think I told you that I didn't feel the baby move for a long long time. Then she started moving big time.....and then she stopped, along with my heart. (I was so freaked out!) Thank goodness she started again a few days ago. I think maybe she just swam into the back where I couldn't feel her anymore?

I find my belly shape really changes, some days I feel huge and then somedays I feel scared I am too small. I think it has to do with her movements in there and I am trying to relax about it! Good luck with that!

She is also developing her taste buds this week so I am eating all kids of blue cheese, weird veggies, grains, a few ounces of rosé wine and even some green algae for good measure. Although it seems the only things she likes or jumps for are sweets. On the weekend we had a picnic in Niagara and the baby kicked for the delicious strawberry rhubabrd pie! What are you gonna do? The girl likes what the girls likes. ;)

Bring on the pie!

Love and Hugs

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  1. That's fantastic news Sam! That's going to be one happy baby with all the yummy things you're eating :) looking forward to more updates & thanks for sharing your experience with us! xo