Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Be- 36 weeks pregnant

So we have officially entered the stretchy pants portion of the pregnancy. With 4 more weeks to go there are no pants in the house that fit except for this above comfy ugly pair and my "fancy" pair which are tighter and knee length, ooooooh I know!

A few other things that have been happening:
-The baby is growing and moving and causing lots of awesome weird side cramps and shooting pains in my pelvis.
-We had our baby shower and it was a hoot! Friends came from far away and my sister in law rocked the house as the super host. We are truly blessed!
- Hormone mood swings are back in full effect with crying and irrational behavior and cravings for coca cola. Fun times!
-Sleeping is weird, walking is weird, everything is weird! I can't wait till next week when I can start eating hot peppers by the boat load and jumping on trampolines to get this kid out of me!

Love and Hugs

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