Friday, August 24, 2012

Me and my brother

So I saw this video this morning and it totally reminded me of growing up with my brother. I guess its on my mind all the time becuase he just had a baby boy a few months ago that looks just like him. When I hold him I feel so much love and I get lost and then think "wait, what! I'm 33 years old holding my infant brother!" Oh okay no it's my nephew Will! Whoa!

Has any other Auntie out there felt that before too?

Anyways here's the awesome funny 4 year old dancing video that makes me miss hanging with my brother dancing to Micheal Jackson on 8 track in the living room. Ryan would wear his pleather red zipper Micheal vest and I had a cool white crinoline Madonna skirt and we would seriously rock out man!

Happy Friday party people!

Love and Hugs!

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