Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be- 38 weeks pregnant

Hi you guys! Well we are officially on Klein baby watch 24/7 over here. She is welcome to come anytime. Unfortunately I think she's kinda camped out in there and may not come out EVER! Or maybe it's just that feeling (I'm scared) that my fate is to remain a pregnant person for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

Okay get it together freaky Sam.

Other things that have been happening:

-We have all the necessary supplies for a successful home birth bought and in the living room wating for the big day. We also picked up our birth kit from the Midwives which includes all the emergency medications to be keep in the fridge and other stuff like an IV thingie and forceps. You never know!
- Umm I have gained 32 pounds. She is a monster in there these last 3 weeks. I am afraid if we get to the 42 week mark I will be beating that woman in China who gave birth to a 22 pounder.
- I can't stop crying. Everything is the worst and hurts my feelings. I feel like a 14year old who just got her period for the first time.
- But then there is all the meditation we've been doing which helps a lot! I love it! I'm a spiritual junkie! And really excited for her birth. Everynight I go to bed it feels like Christmas and I think maybe tomorrow.......maybe!

Love and Hugs

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