Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner at the Dodges

Goodmorning everybody! Last night we had Christmas at Mom and Dad's. Ryan and Britt left this morning for Florida :( to celebrate Christmas with her family so we wanted to do Christmas a little early. Grandpa drove in and Blake came over for dinner too. We opened presents and I got a Kindle! It's so's a computerized reader...I can download books to it which will make travelling so much lighter. Vince and his parents also got me a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that I love so much! After that we sat down to a traditional turkey dinner and Vince opened his very first cracker. Pretty cute! Then we played one of the new board games he got for Christmas and went to bed. We were still pretty worn out from the all day engagement fiesta from the day before!
Love and Hugs

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