Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Good Morning Everybody! How was your Easter? Was it as sunny in Canada and France as it was here in Malta? What did you guys do?
Vince and I woke up to parade sounds from our window so we got up and went to investigate. There was a band marching down the street and a group of preists? trailing them while rolling a statue of Jesus on a board. They eventually stopped in the main square and took a break for a sandwich at the Labour Party's headquaters.
After the parade Vince and I walked down to the local beach and laid out for an hour or so just reading and sleeping the afternoon away. There were kids and adults swiming but the majority were just sunbathing. I think the water is still just a little to cool for a dip. Hopefully it warms up before May 7th!
Love and Hugs

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