Thursday, April 22, 2010

Country Charm? Hell no! I call this look SamandVincetastic!

Okay so I think I have found my orange and grey fix but in a less trendy way. I know my wedding won't be timeless but I sure don't want to look back and just flat out laugh you know what I mean? So I think I have found my palette. I was so all about orange and grey but I think I am going to adapt it to soft peacy hues and maybe cantelope orange and soft pink and dove grey instead of the intense shocking bold orange and dark gunmetal grey. What do you think?

This above image has everything I want, an old wodden table, soft pretty flowers and the 'found objects' kinda look. Are you as in love with it as I am? I found it over at Snipet and Ink. I just love love their wedding website. I can't keep my eyes off of it!

Love and Hugs

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