Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Captain Vinsanity!

Good Morning Everybody! Today is Vincent's birthday! He was born 29 years ago in Epinal France, the middle child inbetween his two sisters. His mom says that he was a big blonde smiley baby and then grew up to be a completely fearless badass toddler and young man. He gave his parents a hard time during his teenage years even getting a contract drawn up between them regarding his curfew. He finally smarted up and went to university in Metz France to become a mechanical Engineer and then moved to Canada for his first job....and the rest is history!
He loves:
fast motorcycles
being a captain
tea instead of coffee
negotiaing for a cheaper price (i.e. see the above curfew contract)
being the boss
Lacoste polos
playing board games with his family after dinner
the french liqueur Richard
weird music I have never heard of
being an Uncle
scary/strange t.v. shows and movies like Requiem for a Dream
and Me! Thankfully!

Please help me in celebrating his last year before 30! (Just between you and me Vince is pretty freaked out by the whole 30 year old thing, pffff) So I guess this will be the last birthday we will be celebrating! ;-) Love you babe!
Love and Hugs

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  1. Happy Birthday Vince! We love you. Hope you have a great day! Love, Kim & Kev xoxoxoxoxoxo