Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are going here!

Good Morning Everybody! Vince and I are meeting Mom and Dad in Rome on Friday morning! Yahooo! I am trying to contain my excitment but it's not quite working out. I was up all night long last night thinking about all the beautiful places in Rome to see and watching my parents face lightup when they see them. Gosh there is just something about Rome it's so.... ummmm.... like.... I don't know....old! And I know there are tourists everywhere and little kiosks set up selling crap to them and menus printed in English and German and Korean and all that but still it remains local. Do you know what I mean??? There is a vibe there and I absolutely love it! I dare say more than Paris. Gasp! Italians are just so much more passionate and out there and dirty than Parisians. Gotta Love It!
Well if you want to see for yourself hop on a plane and join us for the weekend!
Love and Hugs

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