Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a loser baby!

Hi guys, I thought I would give you an update on my weight loss progress. I have been on the plan for two weeks now and have held myself accountable for all the food and activity and am having a great time! The first week saw me lose 1.3 pounds and the second week I lost 3.3pounds. So that's a total of 4.6pounds! Whoohooooo! I am not sure if you know how WW works but basically you have a set about of points allocated to you per day depending on your height and weight mesurments. (I have 28points per day) This daily balance is designed to make you feel full and still lose 1 pound a week. I have been sticking to my daily allowance and even going over it a few days. The nice people at WW also give you an extra 35 points a week for treats and you better believe I use all those up as well.
The big thing I have learned so far is portion size. I never knew that one cup of cooked pasta was so small! It's crazy! I have been eating 4 full daily servings of pasta before at one sitting! Also a normal chicken breast for me is double the intended size to fill me up. I just can't believe how much I was overeating and here I thought I was so healthy!
What have you guys been doing lately to stay healthy?
Love and Hugs

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