Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are you drinking this summer?

Goodafternoon everybody! Man it's really getting hot out there and since I am on WeightWatchers I have been thinking a lot about what should be my summer drink. Apparently Champagne (and in my casa Cava) is only 90 cals a glass! Since I have started WW I have been sticking to light beer which is 1.5 points or a vodka soda which is 2 points.
BUT I was reading on That's Fit about Sangria being about 80cals a glass as long as you make your own and omit extra sugar and I was like Hell Ya! I love to make Sangria! Especially the white kind! I found this one blogger who adds white cheeries and apricots to hers! Now that sounds like a summer drink plan to me if I ever heard one! What about you? What's on your drink roster for this summer?
Vodka, cran and soda is also low on cals and reminds me of my sister in law.....Britt hurry up and get your cute ass over here and start chopping fruit and I'll get the pitcher out!
Love and Hugs

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