Friday, May 13, 2011

I must say!

I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED! I hope you guys are excited cause I am excited! Holy macaroni only 54 days until this moment with my groom and many more!!!!!!! I am just really getting the ants in my pants excited!

And isn't this photo beautiful? It's Kathryn and her groom Ryan from Snipet and Ink. Kathryn's blog was the first wedding blog I read when I got engaged and I have checked it every day since. Vince's tie is based on her one of her many inspirations boards. She is so sweet and inspiring and I think I will continue to read her writtings and enjoy the images well after my 10 year anniversary! She and Ryan got married last December in San Francisco and if you want to see more photos from their wedding click here. There's six wonderful pages of goodness!

Love and Hugs!

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