Monday, May 23, 2011

The thank you list

Feels so good to be thankful, so much better than being angry. Sometimes when I am having trouble meditating I just start a list of things I am thankful for and it almost instantly brings a warm buzzy feeling of calm and love. Here's a few things on my list:

Amberlie for saving my life with ‘The Power of a Praying Woman’

Shelly for coming to visit right after I lost the baby and helping me get outside again and never questioning me if we had to go back inside.

My mom for not panicking or being mad at me when I called from a pay phone in Athens and told her I need 100 bucks to buy a ticket to Cairo and live out one of my lifelong dreams.

My Dad for driving to and from the airport to pick me up and drop me off for 10 years at various times of the morning and night. (my 4 :30 am shifts my 12 :30am shift…etc)

My Brother for still loving me even after all that sand castle bullying I put him through.

Silke for introducing me to Art of Living.

Vince still loving me despite my drunken fits of rage and weirdness

Sue for coming with her car after I found out Larry cheated on me and offering to put everything in it and run to Dartmouth

Mom for saving me with ‘The Heart of The Soul’

April for taking me in after not really knoing me and feeding me grilled trout after I was dumped.

Brooke for taking me in and helping me see optomism in everything. I never forget that Brookie !

My Grandmas for writting me every month for years even if I never wrote them a single letter.

My Aunt Ann for not being the slighteset bit pissed all my belongings are in her basement for the last 3 years and beyond.

God for loving me wholly and without question and always being there to lean on when I am weak.

Pranic Healing for showing me that I actually like to do something

My baby being miscarried so that I could accomplish all this and be a better Mommy when she or he decides to come back into our lives

Malta for providing me with a place to heal

Love and Hugs

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